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Surprising, Unusual and Effective Music Insights to Your Trouble?

Thanks to my 10,000+ song library (jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk, pop, and electro), I will write a post (1000 words, four pages) about your question.

For example, recently, a blog on Facebook mentioned hopeless romantics. Suddenly it appeared a song from The Eagles was worth mentioning. According to them, that kind of person is a restless heart that never mended. But we should wake up because there’s a new kid in town!

It is our offer: find the right song to light your day in case you’re in the darkness. Illumination is the highest level of consciousness. But the first level of real force is courage, so please go ahead and send your questions.

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A Mission of Mercy to the New Frontier?

The mission of this blog is simple: share our favorite songs, analyze the news using music, answer to any question. Thanks to music and its diversity, we will get the right point of view on life.

  • We share songs for a better ear education in a variety of styles like jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk, electro, pop and more,
  • We answer all questions (even the weirdest) thanks to massive music culture, and a daily dose of learning,
  • We analyze the news, the past and the future using the power of free association, and 10,000+ song library.

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The Truth About the Main Authors of This Blog.

A team dedicated to bringing you the finest music so that you can have the best thoughts possible. If you would like to join the team of that music blog and share your favorite emotions or experiences, please send a message through the contact page.

You can also follow us with social media. Links are at the bottom of the page (in the footer). You will find original songs, DJ mixes, quotes from songs, and much more.

We’re available for coaching and consulting matters. Do you need advice on a song you wrote or produced? Do you want to learn the basics of music in 6 months? If it’s related to music, then you can ask for any services.

The author has five years of experience in banking and 20 years in music. Even if you need advice on starting a small business, he can give you clues that will allow you to succeed.

Please go to the footer for a short bio of the author.

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How To Become A Member And See Music Adverts!

You can become a member of this music blog and gain access to premium content. The main benefit is to be part of a community that’s passionate about music. Sell or buy products, find someone for your project, and much more.

Being a member costs 9.95€ weekly (except when there’s a promotion). You can cancel anytime. Imagine you register and find a project in 5 months. You can unsubscribe. Imagine your project lasted two years: now, you can subscribe again. There are sometimes promotions, and members who refer four members can become a free member for life.

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If You’re Creative And Eccentric, We’ve Got A Product!

You know, psychosis, that awful level of consciousness where denial and acknowledgment of reality battle each other. That’s why we love creative people who can make your day with three chords or a bassline.

If you’re looking for inspiration, we propose four products: a song you can produce, a 1-hour playlist to relax, an idea you can develop, and funny codes to find hidden meanings in words. More products could be announced in the future.