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A serious insight from “Are You Experienced?” by Jimi Hendrix hints at love as being unclear in one’s mind. This sounds bold but can you hedge with good music?

Capitalism Was Supposed To Save Us

The thing about the system everyone knows is that it takes time to test and evaluate. Of course, everyone said that you can’t change in the blink of an eye.

Anarchism and communism are alternatives to capitalism but what system can help humanity progress? Do we have cousins on another planet that are way more advanced than us? Did they leave us alone on planet Earth because we were undecided about the future?

Our children will not understand this 20th-century bitch.

People will say that’s what we’re here for. Experience joy and discarding those jealousy feelings. The truth is that for a strange reason, confidence fluctuates. I think it might be because of my shadow on the wall.

The basics of Humanity is the Shadow

Lately, I discovered I had multiple shadows in me. And I had to choose only one shadow, otherwise, I might end up in psychoanalysis with a strong sedative/hypnotic.

It seems the only shadow that women can tolerate is joking and laughing. It makes sense because otherwise, we might commit a crime. Like a dog without a bone and an actor out on loan. Or maybe someone that has to make some changes.

If you talk about shadows, you might as well to about your star. Mine I think is a very simple one: when I die, what will I leave my children?

We are under the same sun so how come here on Earth we have different stars to guide us? Another star would be: make the best of the situation before you go insane.


Have You Ever Wondered Why We Sleep?

Sleeping is a very basic human function and it is strongly linked to digestion. But sleep must be restorative and I guess your diet is key then.

That’s why I chose this song from Jimi Hendrix. He’s one of my major influence on guitar. And back in the 60s, he was an artist that was regarded as highly innovative and promising.

He died in a hotel in London by swallowing his own vomit. Thank God Eric Clapton is still alive.

What if the systems I mentioned were OK but the bugs were monstrous? For example, when I have money problems, I think of some friends of mine and I’m thinking: maybe they were right.

Let the guilty hang! (aka the year of the boomerang)

The bug is very clear: a 20th-century bitch. Anarchy and spoofing; government and industry; chastity, obedience, and poverty.

Hesitation and Anticipation Sponsored by Shadows

So, we are under the same sun. That’s why we live on planet Earth. But then, when you end up somewhere, maybe the local star is another one, like “a 20th-century bitch”.

20th-century shadows are watching and shining. Their only star: chastity, obedience, and poverty. Ain’t talking about chemical weapons like chemotherapies.

I’ll have to make an effort to be serious. Or maybe an effort to laugh and listen to good music. But the song I chose today is a good one: love is blind, the solution is marriage.

Through thick and thin, in sickness and in health, one thing we can be sure of: castles made of sand, fall in the sea. Eventually.

There’s nothing left to prove: a strong foundation is key when the winds have changed. I guess the future belongs to people well educated on the subject of fights.


Joy Inside My Tears and My Confusion

The test of time. People talk a lot about it. Without knowing what it means. Today, I thought that it was just about an Oedipus complex. The motto of our Syrian neighbor was to eat all the children.

I decided to identify 4 stages in a person’s life: childhood, teenage years, student life and adult life. If I had to send a message to those persons, I would say:

  • pay attention child,
  • never mind teenage years,
  • the best is student life,
  • growing-up has some upside.

One last thing: the one in charge should remain sober. I guess you could say of a person with a serious illness that no part of her can remain sober.

Healing may be just a matter of finding a sober influence.

Let’s talk about the Tokyo blues: “when the music hit me, as hard as a case of influenza”, my ambition was so important that I was wasting my time with my enemies.

Do You Know Your Dark Side?

Watch out because I invented a new disease: multiple shadow disorder. I was talking with a doctor if I could get some credit about it in a psychiatric manual.

The best way to understand the dominant idea is dreams.

As if you couldn’t tell a thing about it. With symbols, it’s very cool: it’s like you want the solution but make it complex because otherwise I might be cured.

I suspect in a lot of people that they noticed that your problems are making happy a lot of people. Is this love or just confusion? No doubt about it: when a society has failed and you end up in psychoanalysis, it means we suffer from narcissistic abuse.

A game of chess maybe? No doubt chess players will compare life to a game of chess.


Hey You, Please Tell Me Something!

Are you wasting your time with your enemies? Did you get laid because you were bored?

Lately, I didn’t finish one song. I have lots of ideas but I thought that blogging would help me understand what’s the problem. And the problem is very clear: my background is 20 years of good music so we are clearly facing a narcissistic abuse.

Let the hammer fall. A 20th-century bitch. Is it so shocking? Some might say we wouldn’t like in any other way! I guess the limit is chemical weapons, or maybe having an affair with the sister or the brother.

Anyway, I think the Earth is not dumb. We have cousins on other planets and God has decided to help us. Only if we can get this “rest ‘n’ digest’ response right (that sounds like a heavy metal band name).

Do you think that seduction is suspicion? Do you think that all private investigations finish with a bottle of whiskey and a set of lies?

What if the Earth was a compensation for something because we humans always think of respect as one of the fundamental things in life (along with self-criticism).

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Is that the stars in the sky or is it rain fallin down?
Will it burn me it I touch the sun, yeah
So be it so round?

Will I be truthful, yeah
In a, choosing you as the one for me?
Is this love baby
Or is it a, just confusion?

Oh, my mind is so messed up goin’ round ‘n’ round
Must there be all these colors without names
Without sounds, babe

My heart burns with feelin’ but
Oh but my mind is cold and reeling
Is this love, baby
Or is it confusion?

Oh my head is pounding pounding
Going ’round and ’round and ’round and ’round
Must there always be these colors?
Without names without sound?

My heart burns with feelin’ but
Oh but my mind is cold and reeling
Is this love, or is it just confusion?

Ah you tell me baby
Is this love or confusion
We must get together and find out
Exactly what we’re trying to do



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