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A serious insight from Radiohead’s song “My Iron Lung” sounds like a 20th-century bitch. Is justice a special case of trouble and pressure? Enter music.

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This is an absurd situation. It’s a trick bag. Who is to blame? I guess the first person to blame is yourself. Of course, it’s the easy way out. But on security issues, we are all responsible.

War seems to be the easiest word. What if it was true? Red Hot Chili Peppers members once said that “every artist is at war with the world”.

That’s why I do think it’s a matter of rest. If you lose your balance, please don’t lose your auditing firm. Justice is a very popular topic like love.

Walking A Fine Line Between Two Extremes

Don’t take offense at my extremes. Some French important person used to classify people into 2 categories: jerks and pigs. I think it’s safe to say 4 shades are the minimum.

Standard of performance is an interesting matter when you think about marketing and business plans. That’s why a good classification would be: daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Justice should remain a question of contrast.

China clearly stated that the daily magic is important.

When I was a child, the days were long. But it helped people bond. There were pretenders among us. They were spies, only today. And we forgot everything we learned.

I’m Feeling Stuck in Some Part of the Body

There are so many causes out there. Which one should we root for? Were you a Los Angeles Lakers fan or a Sacramento Kings fan? Maybe the important thing is to witness the best (or the worst).

Someone responsible could help us. They said we have to choose our battles. Sometimes I wonder if flight is an option. Because I like options. Justice likes easy case because cold cases are so cold that you need a new type of heater to sustain the period.

So did my ex-girlfriend. When she didn’t love me no more, she opted for my so-called brother. Maybe a cousin. Or maybe just an asshole that pissed me off so much, that my heart keeps me well informed.

We all know life is a joke. But we appreciate the effort.


Dancing Fool Committing a Social Suicide

I dreamed I was a talented musician. And then I started dancing in my room, singing under the shower and wondering why some people smile at me.

Evolution is an interesting topic. We like to showcase it as an adventure where we stand more and more tall and talented. Feelings are so intense that life can’t thrive. Justice might be a question of point of view but we all have that right. Only if it’s not blinded by conflicts of interest.

And that may be why you’re taking a prescription pill.

We’re on a mission of mercy to the new frontier. If I don’t get out of here, it means game over. How many lives do we really have? I like to think we only have one.

Darkness Will Rise and Fall on the City

Maybe it’s a problem with comfort intolerance. In some environment, they have no problems at all. One of us shouldn’t be here.

It’s sad that if someone wins, someone will lose. Maybe that’s why we need an audience. They used to say that what matters is participating. But justice is an interesting game mainly because they try to give a direction to the debate.

The rise and fall of naive people is something hard to describe.

I used to live on the 2nd floor. Sometimes you could hear something late at night. It was just a dream. But I never talked about it.

Of Carelessness With Delicate People

Know your enemy. One of us shouldn’t be here. I’ve been waiting so long before I could say goodbye to France. They have a problem with sodomy back there.

Before I slip into unconsciousness, I’d like to have a new idea. Like going to the beach or the mountain every day. And spending time in the evening with friends in a venue.

Justice is a matter of impunity and/or rewards. A fine line between hell and high water. Maybe those lines are crippling us for life. Justice should be flexible, otherwise she might end up with another cliché when someone was wrongly accused.

Anyway, know your enemy. And your source.


The Question Is Not Why, But How

The way to my heart is with a garlic clove. It’s sexy when it’s on the kitchen stove. OK, I’ll admit I’m showing my musical culture. Sex and money are my major kicks.

A few months ago, I read that some diseases created a bestiary. Like the vampire. Or maybe elephant man. The thing about the disease is that as long as you benefit from it, you will not be cured.

The toxic artwork of WW2 is still haunting us. The moral bankruptcy our ancestors showed was relieved with the band Dire Straits. An inescapable hook like “Sultans of Swing”. Justice will be served and we will not lose time speaking about clandestine 22 years old work.

Get over what is still the question. How is the answer?

Make The Best of the Situation Before…

In conclusion, I think justice is just a matter of making the best of a situation. At least, that’s what I recall from my experience in Paris, France.

The neighbors were so happy that they contributed with the hallmark of stupidity. Do you feel better you got someone to blame? You best believe nobody wants to take responsibility.

If you end up angry, sad and/or disgusted, if your feelings are so intense that life is improbable, maybe going crazy is a solution. Is justice the only department where hanging is a bad thing?

Famous last words of some people always hint at the same people: abuse of power. It comes as no surprise. I wonder why or how.

If you lose your partner, should you lose your mind? Once, only once did we lose control and gave all our soul.

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Faith, You’re Driving Me Away
You Do It Every Day
You Don’t Mean It But It Hurts Like Hell

My Brain Says I’m Receiving Pain
A Lack Of Oxygen From My Life Support
My Iron Lung

We’re Too Young To Fall Asleep
Too Cynical To Speak
We Are Losing It, Can’t You Tell?

We Scratch Our Eternal Itch
Our Twentieth-Century Bitch And
We Are Grateful For Our
Iron Lung

Suck, Suck Your Teenage Thumb
Toilet Trained And Dumb

When The Power Runs Out
We’ll Just Hum
This This Is Our New Song
Just Like The Last One
A Total Waste Of Time
My Iron Lung

If You’re Frightened
You Can Be Frightened
You Can Be, It’s Okay

If You’re Frightened
You Can Be Frightened
You Can Be, It’s Okay


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