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A serious insight from U2’s “Some Days Are Better Than Others” reminds me sometimes you feel like a baby. Music and sounds with high fidelity as usual.

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If I could talk today to my 10-year-old self, I would tell him to investigate that charming person who knocked on your door. If I could talk to my 14-year-old self, I would probably tell him that, if you tolerate this, then your children will be next.

I like to think about traveling like a journey within. Sure you could go to Big Sur or Croatia visit other cultures, who needs California or Croatia when you’re Lebanese?

Anyway, traveling creates a complex identity.

Am I a musician or a spy? I have crossed that river as a winner twice. And now, ignorance has taken over and someone took the power back.

Gypsy Was Right With Her Prejudice

I’m so vain I probably think this song is about me. A baby is a fragile human being and someone gave him 18 years to become adapted to his environment.

Of course, some days are better than others. Sometimes I feel like a bit of a student. Always learning, never knowing: that is the main complaint.

It’s improbable to breathe underwater without a bottle of oxygen. When will we stop scratching our eternal itch: gangsta, bitches, and parents!

Do I have to paint a picture in your mind?

The definition of a caricature is a picture, description, or imitation of a person in which certain striking characteristics are exaggerated in order to create a comic or grotesque effect. Do you feel like sometimes looking for your 12-year-old and your mother?

A Lot Of People Had This Dream

Until you’re 8 years-old, life is wonderful. You spend time playing with your friends and parents are still in a sentimental mood.

I remember when we could play football with random strangers in the street. Suddenly, you could become the hero of the day. They never forget you until somebody new comes around.

But some people never forget you. A real poison and the lethal dose remains subject to debate. Here we are: the less you debate, the less you run the risk of saying or thinking something stupid.

The superego is a strange thing. It hits you like a bad case of influenza.

And then you wake the morning in a stranger’s coat. From Vegas to nowhere; in other words from silence to a dead end.

A Good Education On The Subject Of Fights

When you’re 10-years-old, you start understanding what it’s all about. When your ally comes to greet you, you think you’re invincible. And our ally may be free association.

Without the liberty of dissociation, there’s no good association.

The importance of rivalry and vengeance, a will to handle trouble and pressure will be the future of humanity. First, make sure to relax. Then start being in control and find partners you could go on holiday with.

At the moment, I’m wondering if my work on that blog will set me free. I’m a long time boy and I’m serving my time. 37 years is a long time.

While I commit my social suicide, I will remember those lines are embarrassing. Because the bug who tested us is a bit special: “arbeit macht frei”.


Accuracy and Efficacy: A Sign Of Childish Unanimity

The only thing that turns me on is statistics. Mission improbable has started. Behinds numbers, there is always a complex reality that dreams are supposed to describe best.

Lately, I had 3 dreams in a very short span. And my reality is explained much better now. 3 main ideas: kidnapping, orgies and the city.

When I think about it, none matters to me. And each morning I wake up thinking I’m a talented musician. But I have troubles standing tall. Which is a basic of health.

That’s why I decided to make a special section in that blog to discuss dreams and dominant ideas. Because we all suffer from exercise and maybe comfort intolerance.

Struggle within, it suits us fine. We’re growing. At age 12, it’s not a surprise!

Love of Gold Turned Us Cold

We all faced trouble and pressure at age 14. But it seems it’s the average age for everybody for the Chernobyl incident. The first friend I lost was at age 14.

The love of gold is somewhat disturbing. Some say obsession can pay sometimes. Some say you should never mind. But the truth is it’s the one defining moment that will haunt you all your life.

Got you down on your knees. You get what you give!

Maybe this blog is being read like “Mein Kampf” or Apple magazine when Apple wasn’t hip. Under the coat. I also like Chris Isaak’s music.

Nobody loves no one. What a wicked game! Players don’t stand a chance. That’s where the audience is important. I remember when I was dating my ex-girlfriend everybody was wondering what was going on.

That Was The Good Side, Here Comes The Bad

If you taste it, it will haunt you. Drawing lines is important but what happened to the flexibility of the dragon? It’s not easy to understand that line.

At 17, I fell in love with a drug sweet as can be. To this day, I can’t get rid of her. Maybe I can whisper in her ear and then she will become frightened.

There’s another animal called a Komodo Dragon. Don’t mess with him otherwise, it will feel like Tchernobyl also. It’s so cool, if you do it right, you can never think of Lebanon without thinking of the civil war.

Thank God they had the same problems in Afghanistan. The 20th-century bitches are back. The cold war is so cold that we need a new machine to help us.

Kinky girl, back in the days… What made you want to change?

Crime Is Decreasing, Police Officers Become Friends

At 21, the world is yours. No rise and fall, mercy is everywhere. You start bonding with wonderful people. Of course, you have the right to remain silent because 10 years later they will talk about it.

Everything turns to blue and my eyes fill with knowledge as I scan those holidays. Hell is behind us and paradise is just a shot away. Newspaper shout a new style is growing.

Turns out history repeated itself. Why not if it’s positive?

No more private investigations. The reason is obvious: you are a member of a community which keeps its people in check. Because when a society fails, doctors start getting rich.

Who profits from that mess? That’s why I venture into a hypothesis: maybe wars are sponsored by doctors! When I analyze this, it makes a lot of sense.


If You Don’t Tolerate This, It’s A Good Thing

When you’re 28, it gets better. No more naive people and no more dark people. You find a balance between music and money. You find a way to relax people who are younger.

I almost do what I want. Like meeting friends in a bar, making connections with wonderful musicians. But some people decided otherwise.

They think that it’s not fair. They try to be so good at what they do that no one can ignore them.

Wouldn’t you be bored with people who spend their time like attention whores? Will the real security officer please stand up? I repeat: sometimes the army is the enemy.

In a future post, I will deal with daily magic. It’s called writer’s block. On that, you can rely. Do we have a strong foundation?

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Some Days Are Dry, Some Days Are Leaky
Some Days Come Clean, Other Days Are Sneaky
Some Days Take Less, But Most Days Take More
Some Slip Through Your Fingers And Onto The Floor

Some Days You’re Quick, But Most Days You’re Speedy
Some Days You Use More Force Than Is Necessary
Some Days Just Drop In On Us
Some Days Are Better Than Others

Some Days It All Adds Up
And What You Got Is Not Enough
Some Days Are Better Than Others

Some Days Are Slippy, Other Days Sloppy
Some Days You Can’t Stand The Sight Of A Puppy
Your Skin Is White But You Think You’re A Brother
Some Days Are Better Than Others

Some Days You Wake Up With Her Complaining
Some Sunny Days You Wish It Was Raining
Some Days Are Sulky, Some Days Have A Grin
And Some Days Have Bouncers And Won’t Let You In

Some Days You Hear A Voice
Taking You To Another Place
Some Days Are Better Than Others

Some Days Are Honest, Some Days Are Not
Some Days You’re Thankful For What You’ve Got
Some Days You Wake Up In The Army
And Some Days It’s The Enemy

Some Days Are Work, Most Days You’re Lazy
Some Days You Feel Like A Bit Of A Baby
Lookin’ For Jesus And His Mother
Some Days Are Better Than Others

Some Days You Feel Ahead
You’re Making Sense Of What She Said
Some Days Are Better Than Others

Some Days You Hear A Voice
Taking You To Another Place
Some Days Are Better Than Others


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