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A serious music insight by Thievery Corporation’s “Focus On Sight” makes me think of a game I play at the moment called Diablo 3. So many people are afraid.

When it comes to being afraid, you can only relate that to a desire. Must be some kind of way out of here said the joker to the thief. Did you start an investigation on that fear or desire that make you lose focus?

During my 37 years tenure so far as a human being and a man, I remember a friend laughing once at somebody and he was saying: “this guy is gonna get burned”. The thought of this makes me wonder if this isn’t one of the secret heart problems every young person has.

The thing is with focusing and concentrating is that, sometimes, you don’t feel right. When you see the signs (and I’m not talking about symptoms which are subjective), you can’t help but wonder why we had to experience again a World War.

It seems losers of WW2 had children and suddenly, they all appeared at my door as if it was some kind of party which they wanted to crash.

After All, A Lot Didn’t Make Themselves

Today, who can tell they are self-made men? I guess those who dare to say that chose to ignore a lot of their history. It seems life separates those who once were friends or lovers. Gently with no sound, except the sound of silence.

When you choose to focus on something, then it’s like a marriage. You live your life, for better or for worse, but it’s so sexy when you can handle the burden and spot some awesome moments that are worth the fight.

I’ve met some people who work in events. I always wondered what it meant to work in that kind of business. But I know for a long time what that means. For example, all your friends end up at a beach party.

When you focus on the daily routine, you can’t get go wrong. Some couples hate talking about living day-to-day with a partner. As if you were writing a journal and you stop because nothing happened today.

Never Needing Anyone, Talking About Luck

When you think about luck, Sir Winston Churchill used to say it doesn’t exist. It means you’re paying attention to details. For example, what about that sense of security we like, that comes at a price?

In Lebanon, since 1975, we experienced dramatic problems with security. There were snipers on the rooftops of buildings while the Civil War was raging. Young people speaking their mind?

Sometimes, I think about Afghanistan who experienced a Civil War in the 1980s. Today, in Lebanon, we still have a ray of hope. But it seems Afghanistan (which look like a beautiful country) has serious problems. Maybe it’s the influence of Russia which is not far?

About Russia, who were those men who pursued the toxic artwork of Alois Brunner, which people can mistake with the great Pavlov Conditioning?

Story Takes A Twist, Classical Storytelling

I talk a lot about Pavlov on that blog. That’s because it seems memory is associative. One thing makes you think of another, and suddenly your heart goes boom. But memory is also a matter of reconstruction and I wonder what kind of effort that implies.

About that twist in my story: I always feel like somebody’s watching me. And I have no privacy. Who can it be now? I used to like it here in Paris 16th with my childhood friends but now I will hang out with musicians only.

France during those Civil Wars decided to save a happy few. I was one of those with other people that I can’t name today. They will recognize themselves. I have a deep sympathy for Afghanistan for a few months. I learned they are still dealing with their Civil War. In Lebanon, those who think about it are dying from heart failure.

What More Can Your Love Do For Me?

As a conclusion, I’m focusing on music to lead me out of hell and high water. And love, even though it comes at a price. If my finance friends can program a love pricer as if it was a financial product, maybe there is a wonderful opportunity to heal a lot of people.

Children of the 20th century and those born in the 1980s are having a hard time with that love hangover. Some might say they don’t want to get over it. They don’t like to play that stupid game.

It’s so easy when you know the rules. So if you want to join me and beat the Nazis, feel free to send me a message. How come today 2 million posts are being written on the Internet? When I was young, I started a journal and quickly stopped. What if someone could discover the content of my diary?

Scarred for life, what compensation? Private investigations… We are all detectives here on Earth. Anybody feeling that way?


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