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A serious music insight by T. Rex “20th Century Boy” confirms that the 20th-century bitch Radiohead talked about was strange games and funky things.

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There’s a reason why I’m king of my castle. But you’re welcome to enter and have a drink. Time will tell if my good deed will be rewarding or just another case of abuse.

Anyway, it seems that 20th-century bitch Radiohead talked about in “My Iron Lung” was a bad case of playing with someone’s hearts. Did they get lost in the game? Those guys were not that guilty it seems because it was a battle of ideologies.

Even though humans share the same biology, it seems the past, treachery, and treason have taken over again. But science and progress will take the power back. I learned yesterday we are able to travel at 10% / 20% of the speed of light.

You Do It Everyday, Don’t Stop

I decided it was time for me to digest my 10000 record collection. That’s why I’m writing this blog and I hope it can be useful. But of course, the bug is special: massacre, genocide, chemical weapons, premeditated murders, and bombardment.

I didn’t mean to turn you off but anyway I guess I’m not alone. The difference between you and me is that I was out on the battlefield at some point in my life. And that’s an experience I remember vividly.

It took me several years to understand what was going on and it seems it was just a bad case of gaming. Strange games and funky things are my middle name. Of course, I listen to good music, otherwise, I wouldn’t have the guts to write on the internet where I could be the subject of hate speeches.

I’m watching a space documentary every day. And that’s a wonderful thing to do.

The Story Is Easy To See: Strange

Suddenly, I’m not half the man I used to be. The political police and secret service contacted me with all the implications it can have for a civilian. I know I can make lots of money as a butcher: that’s what they called the German Economic Miracle.

After launching the deadliest war on Earth, Germany experienced an economic miracle. I guess I could make a lot of money if I threatened to take over the Earth and terrorize everybody if I don’t get some money.

What they forgot is that, yes we all agree, money is important. But the heart and the way we deal with it is key. It seems 90% of humanity is handling their lives with the subconscious mind. This mind remembers the dominant idea and can’t make nuances.

If you want to nuance your life, you have to make a conscious effort.

We Embrace The Glory Of War

I was wondering why I experienced WW3 during the first decade of the 21st century. It seems rape and murder will be our main benefits. Why are we stuck on chastity, obedience, and poverty?

Rome experienced some form of decadence during antiquity. But maybe we should remember the lesson. Someone might benefit from this situation and I’m still waiting for the economic miracle of that blog.

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The glory of war was for me just a shame. I finished my mission in a psychiatric facility under severe sedation while a police officer complimented me on the good looks of my female friends.

One more thing: nobody was allowed to interact with me. You see, they are the taxmen (90% of problems for you and me, 10% for them, talking about government and industry).

Have You Found A New Toy?

They sucked my blood like a leech, broke the law but they didn’t preach. They took all my money and wanted more. Now we understand why some people fall seriously ill: gaming overdose.

Of course, ironing a shirt is also a good idea sometimes but I guess one should have priorities. That’s why I’m thinking of writing a book called: “serve and age harmoniously”. Aging is a sensitive subject, I know a lot of people are afraid.

How can we save our children from Oppenheimer’s deadly toy? After Hiroshima and Nagasaki, only one tree continued his life as if nothing happened: a Ginkgo Biloba. And now, we can take some thanks to the pharmacy.

It’s good for the circulatory system (blood and lymph). I don’t know if it’s better than rock ‘n’ roll though. When you stop playing, it’s the end of the world for sure. Nature tried to speak in 1945: careful with that game. It’s time for a space odyssey.


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