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A serious music insight by “Red House” from Jimi Hendrix reminds me that you can have keys in life about everything. What if this key doesn’t unlock this door?

Lately, after several years of hard work, I uncovered the key that will set me free. Of course, none of us are free and the person who told me I was free might be the enemy. Not many of us have a love that is not vengeance.

I will let the newspaper shout about that new fight. But it might just be history repeating. I started a blog because I’m a talented musician but I have problems standing tall.

A lot of people here are treading a dangerous line that will entitle them to be prosecuted for treachery and treason. When we will find the reason, we will discover we are at war. In my case, it was a bad case of food poisoning: the flu period.

I’m Missing Someone, Might Be Myself

Suddenly, I’m not half the man I used to be. There are multiple shadows hanging over me. But it didn’t come suddenly.

When multiple shadows enter your life, it’s so refreshing. Because in that kind of business, the standard is to be a double agent. An undercover agent for blues and jazz.

I don’t feel like I betray someone if I listen to soul music or funk or rock. But I feel betrayed when trust is not here. Why should we trust each other?

I don’t know many things about the original sin but what I know for sure is that there was a vague mess and, years later, there was a horror film like Rosemary’s Baby by Polanski.

One should be audacious when dealing with troubleshooting. That’s why today I’m thinking of living 1000 years.

A Bad, Bad Feeling: Emotional Intelligence

I’m playing a game at the moment called Diablo 3; it’s full of narcissistic perverts who don’t make any effort to hide their real nature. That game was a best-seller and sometimes I wonder who designed that game and what was the intent.

In that game, there is a sorceress who lived 1500 years and who looks like young and fresh. They talk about an appetite for destruction and terror (or a big desire).

I always liked Blizzard games (the company who produced that game). They produced Starcraft, Warcraft, and World of Warcraft. It’s funny because I used to play a lot of computer games and it’s the only company I have followed.

Maybe they named their company after that awful cold the world is so skilled at displaying. But what they didn’t know is that one friendly face is all you need to see.

My Sister Will Set Me Free

Dressing like my sister and living like a tart, what am I doing at the moment? I have a bad reminiscence of adolescence and how it’s so vague and ungrateful.

People spend their time telling us to speak correctly, behave correctly and work hard. And if we don’t, we will end up in trouble for something. But we must face the truth: our narcissistic perversion is reaching its limit.

That’s why I’m thinking that if we could live healthy 1000 years, maybe space travels will become easier. Because NASA and ESA are working hard to make us dream of another planet and a secondary residence where we could watch several stars set while sipping a Tequila Sunrise.

In The Meantime, We Have Sexy Music

As a conclusion, some experiences are not written in books and are more important to experience. I guess some are written in books and we don’t have to relive that situation. What if it’s not written in books and not interesting to experience?

That’s alright because we have music. And with music, we have so many keys that it will be complicated to build a room with a corresponding door. Might be why we have a classification like jazz, blues etc…

Someone once wrote you can check out but you can never leave. They also wrote they couldn’t kill the beast. Alienation is a vast subject and I don’t know what author to read but I know that narcissistic perversion we live in is close to the end.

Yesterday, I was thinking that Abrahamic religions were going to disappear because they fight too much and spend their time talking about the sky and corruption. There is a hint for humanity to survive in space and it happened 2000 years ago.

That’s why I’m planning to live 1000 years because at the moment I’m immortal. A reasonable request. Who wants to live forever? Does this world have only one sweet moment?


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