Lately there was an incident in a famous pub of Beirut. A case of sexual harassment. So I started to dig my record collection and tried to come up with a song to get a nice angle on the subject.

When it comes to sexual harassment, Frank Zappa is quite clear: silence like a cancer grows and words are meaningless. That’s why I will support the person who denounced the physical agression she was a victim of. But I’d like to add my personal touch.

The guy who made the agression was maybe trying to make conscious the fact that women are obsessed with penises. How can we blame them since they don’t have one?

I dated a girl for 2 years and a half and she hinted that men were obsessed with their penises. But the truth is it might be them. In that case, men could be obsessed about breasts!

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The Only Way To Break The Violence?

It’s true people tend to envy what they don’t have. I guess we can be more serene by accepting we’re a boy or a girl. But there’s a feeling I just can’t shake: a memory from your lonesome past and a heart that’s paying now for things he/she didn’t do.

Freud used to say it was a kind of transference. But to me it seems quite clear: it’s a teenager class that went wrong. And with teenagers we know what the problem is: they have a hard time expressing themselves and finding the words.

We should be precise about important topics like sex. Without the mouth, theoretically, you can’t touch this.

Now I like to think of Molly Johnson: if only people could put themselves in other people’s place. But there’s one thing that’s sure: someone got a heart! And to me a heart always looks at the long run. Check out the definition of the heart that I came up with using the method you can find in the products page (code).

That kind of misbehaviour should be condemned. But watch out for instrumentalisation.

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Are You Taking Sex Too Seriously?

Making love was just for fun. I don’t remember the time when it was. But one thing is sure: those days are gone.

If you think there was a violence that’s not tolerable, remember that it might be a question of propriety. George Michael used to sing that “I don’t belong to you, and you don’t belong to me”. And Foxy Brown would add: “I’m married to the firm, you got to understand”.

We should be serious about important matters and no doubt sex is one. That’s why it’s a good thing the employee of the bar spoke about it.

I feel sex is always something that should be done horizontally. As soon as you’re doing it in another way, it becomes a perversion.

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Can I Get A Witness?

When I was 14 years old, I was the witness of a sexual agression. And I must say I still feel dizzy about it. I could do nothing at the time and shortly after the person died.

It’s haunting me because I was kind of punished for being a witness of the violence.

I thought to myself that it was only teenagers misbehaving but it seems it’s not trivial. I don’t know why at the time I didn’t talk about it to the police. Maybe that’s because I wasn’t invited to the party where the agression took place.

Again when it comes to violence, the main suspect is always propriety. It’s true sometimes we want to possess the ones we love. And the person complaining might just be shouting with a feeling of possession. As if his/her mind might be controlled.

What if you don’t do as you are told? What if the rights to you are sold?

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Are Relaxation And Control The Key?

In the end, the incident that took place might just be about control. Why did the person do what he did? Was it a kind of transference? Was it a way to talk about something he/she didn’t like?

After all men and women might be equal even though we have our areas of expertise! And only talking and being precise might resolve the problem.

The key would be to put yourself in the place of the other person. But sometimes we want to be sure. According to Freud, it was a kind of transference. According to me, it’s teenagers that have a hard time finding the right words. And they might be jealous.

I’ve been in the coma for 4 years and nobody seems to care. That’s why that kind of incident is starting to piss me off. Let’s talk about sex baby: let’s talk about YOU and ME.