Lately, I was thinking that some experiences of my life were difficult to digest. Take for example when I was age 14 and some people from the class were assassinated with words and public shaming. But first I want to talk about reasons to be coherent with yourself (3 reasons):

  1. If you are born a man, you should behave like a man. Women also have a hard time dealing with their expertise and it’s so strange to meet a man that behaves like a woman. At the moment, a hopeless romantic is sitting in front of me with legs crossed as if he was the child of serenity. Is he paying the cost to be the boss or is he sitting like that as if he smoked a cigarette to look like a grown-up?
  2. There’s a fine line between love and hate but there’s always a price to pay. Cost killer could help us at the moment if the Japanese justice could let him breathe a little. We know Syria hid Alois Brunner, one of the worst Nazi criminal. Was Lebanon biggest mistake being a partner in crime with Syria?

One should try to find coherence in their actions, emotions, and thoughts. Reason #3 is a simple one and is the subject of that post: what you say or write should be easy to digest.

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What Restless Hearts Can Do For You?

I have a hard time relaxing during the day; maybe that’s because I forgot what not to do. But what one thing is sure though: like a character of the movie Citizen Kane, I have to find out what my grandmother meant before she died. It seems I was a victim of food poisoning. And that’s why my liver is hanging by a thread.

When I was age 14, I started reading detective stories. While it was a good read since the author seemed to know what he talked about, you can’t help but wonder if fiction can become reality. That was the main problem of SAS (novel series).

Son Altesse Sérénissime (His Serene Highness) is a series of espionage novels created by French author Gérard de Villiers, featuring Austrian prince Malko Linge as the lead character. Since 2006, the novels have been published as comic books, though aimed chiefly at adults given their contents of violence and sex. Villiers’s books have been bestsellers, making him a very wealthy man.

Now I think it’s easy to digest: the word my grandmother said before dying meant food poisoning. And that’s why I love music: it’s so much easier to digest than a movie or a book or a painting.

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Does Coherence Means A Lot Of Sense?

Now I know what made me blue and why I listened to so much music: I was a victim of food poisoning and my liver is hanging by a thread. It should be easy to digest like a good read or a nice post about how the government and industry is doing everything they can to make counterespionage easy.

Take for example the world wide web: now somebody knows that you visited an article about how Ernst & Young (an accounting firm) has decided a diploma doesn’t mean anything anymore. Being successful at school doesn’t mean you’re a skilled individual.

Before the internet, who knew that your 14 years old young child read detective stories? And that’s what has become really strange about this era and the 21st century: everything you do might be about counterespionage.

Another easy to digest paragraph: the basis of espionage is counterespionage. Who can it be now knocking on my door?

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Was The Do-Feel-Think Cycle Interesting?

I read a psychologist’s book once a long time ago: he was talking about the different areas of your life (like a physical one, or a financial one). The author identified 7 areas worth noting. The author also talked about a cycle called DO FEEL THINK: do something, feel the emotions and think about it.

The song I chose today is called “Food For Thoughts” and I must say I love the words of the musicians and poets. It seems much richer than jealous teenager wondering where you got that tan on your skin.

Another thing that’s easy to digest is your enemies’ strategy in the social game: they want to isolate you and take all your money. This is a standard of performance and it’s efficient. But don’t forget the most important thing here on Earth are words. Never hesitate to enrich your vocabulary as Hendrix did for the guitar!

To me it makes a lot of sense: victim of food poisoning, our hero runs to music and easy digestion. In the Arabic language, liver and heart is the same word!