A few year ago, I was at a friends’ coffee shop in Paris. It’s called Radiodays in the 10th district and make sure to pass by if you have time. Anyway the point of this post is simple. I was reading the newspaper and stumbled upon that sentence: “livid with conviction”.

This makes me think of my grand parents who had a play on words when it comes to the word livid. In French, it could mean the bed is empty. I don’t know what’s the problem with an empty bed. Only lovers could really explain I guess.

Yes the night belongs to lovers: be bold, don’t hedge. 10,000 maniacs claiming to be the last real musician on Earth shouldn’t be so strange. Mani, the Persian prophet, claimed to be the last prophet.

What if I claimed I was the last musician here on Earth? Wouldn’t it be strange? I don’t know what’s wrong with the prophets but let’s remember they are in contact with a divine being.

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Who Wouldn’t Kill Himself For Recognition?

We live in a dangerous world. People will hurt you or make you feel good and hurt you and make you feel good. The cycle never ends. Until you understand to gain recognition you have to recognise some things like a good song, a beautiful artwork or an efficient algorithm to optimise your system.

Yes to have recognition you shouldn’t hesitate to recognise the talent in others. I was going to write a post about giving thanks and wondered if it couldn’t help my memory problems. And now I understand that bitchin’ everyday is no way to go through life.

But first let’s remember what a bitch is (I’m going to come up with my own definition): the bitch will ask you for a dose and manage that you give her money. It’s as if I went to a coffee shop, ordered a coffee or tea and then make 4$ instead of giving them to the bartender.

It seems bitchin’ is the oldest activity we’ve known for 2000 years. That’s because we became comfortably numb or we are lazy and egoistic. Or maybe the cocaine was not good.

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What If Jealousy Created Good And Bad Things?

Jealousy is a cruel mistress. She can create beautiful things or destroy them. Jealousy could push you into controlling others instead of taking a risk yourself. Imagine that you told all your friends not to work so that you also don’t have to work.

Jealousy is a powerful feeling but one might wonder if it can’t be misused. After all, the space race became intense since the 1960s. But maybe some aliens are still laughing at us while they’re taking possession of the Milky Way.

I don’t know if aliens are there observing the Earth. If they are, there is one thing I’m sure of: it’s encrypted. As a result, we can only guess they are here but we don’t understand what they do even though we might know.

Traveling in space demands so much work and discipline that one might wonder if we shouldn’t create special mirrors for spacemen telling them each minute they are beautiful people. That’s because sometimes a dirty look could make you lose confidence.

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Are You A Martyr Or A Prophet?

It’s true lately I wanted to be the last prophet. That’s because in some circles I’m known as Jesus 2. It’s incredible how some people want to create things only for their pleasure. I must say I tried to do my best to save humanity and I found a code: alliances.

But there’s something bothering me: Mani also claimed to be the last prophet. It’s a claim I made recently and I decided to call myself “Inui” (in French it means incredible and it’s also the name of some kind of eskimo nation). That’s because a song mentions that love is an incredible space, maybe like our universe.

It’s true some people wanted to investigate love and how you could die for the first ones. But even though love can be a special feeling, one should remember that love is always surrounded by assholes and dirty looks. It’s also the case for friendship but it’s less complicated from my point of view.

It’s a sad story but I do think the martyr and prophet race is still on. Since humanity is constantly adapting, there should be more prophets in the future as we evolve toward a brave new world (or maybe an optimal one).

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Is It Time To Answer The Question?

As a conclusion, I noticed that when I’m playing the guitar, sometimes I’m really convinced by what I do. So why should I be livid with conviction? When it’s the case, it’s like you’re denying someone of their point of view and how yours could ring a bell in them.

It’s all about resonance and it makes sense since it’s one of the law of the universe along with gravitation and attraction. Which leads us to one thought I had recently.

I do think Benjamin Netanyahu is playing a dangerous game by changing laws with a wave of the hand. I can understand he wants to be cool but isn’t it dangerous to violate the laws of the universe? And this is the most disturbing thought I had lately.

What if we violated the laws of the universe without really noticing? As if you occulted the fact telephone conversations today are closely monitored by security. As if you knew there was some kind of alien messing with you. What’s wrong with conviction? And what’s wrong with alienation?