I know some people are tired of war and maybe even competition. Albert Camus in his newspaper Combat once wrote: “peace is the only fight worth having”. While this seems a bit ambitious, one could try to define separately war from competition.

The Rolling Stones in their song Gimme Shelter tried to summarise war: rape and murder. This seems like a weird plan for any human being but maybe it can make sense for jealous people. Competition might be then a matter of finding a referee and an audience.

And this is why war is so frowned upon: nobody wants to finance that kind of show because they can’t really watch it. Except God and maybe secret service, wars will always be avoided by mass appeal. Maybe because there are some security concerns.

Imagine you go watch a tennis or basketball match and your house ends up on fire or maybe your children end up in hospital with flu-like symptoms. But now I’m going to tell you what’s the problem with the brave new world or the optimal one without war.

What Could A Perfect World Look Like?

The problem with the world is that you have to have competition without pure massacres. And let me tell you that a lot of people might have good proposals for a brave new world but they also want to sit in its shade. You reach the dizzy height of that dreamed of world.

To me a perfect world could be like a primal one. Let me explain: for example, in the game Diablo 3 I’m playing on the computer, when you reach a certain level, you get armour and weapons that are primal. This just means you can’t make something better to blast through God’s country.

So a perfect world could be a primal one: still in competition with other worlds but knowing we have the best tools available to do the work.

Why Don’t We Forget About Utopia And Dystopia?

That might be the sense of the code I discovered 4 years ago. We don’t need a perfect world but we need one where the tools are the best you can get. Take for example my blog under WordPress: I didn’t evaluate much the alternatives but there are some things that are plain and simple eliminatory.

For example, I used to use Blogger but the website didn’t have a word count in its editor. We all know we have to write at least 750 words but let’s be fair: a word count is really a basic function.

Yes a perfect world could be a primal one. You can’t do something better without completely ruining why you were born: competition. Coluche, a French humorist used to joke that “when you’re feeling down and out, you should remember one day you were the fastest”.

Why Don’t You Try To Understand 2000 Years Of History?

Now let’s try to understand why, 2000 years ago, a saviour came. He claimed to have a message but he wasn’t the only one. Many musicians since 1900 also had a message. I guess the reason why a saviour appeared 2000 years ago is simple: people are lazy and selfish.

I’ve been trying hard to get into my audience and coworkers head but now I know the score: people are lazy and selfish. End of discussion.

As a result, it’s no wonder someone tried to communicate with someone skilled enough to have a nice balance between work and rest, knowledge and ignorance or normal competition.

People are lazy and selfish. Imagine someone has a problem while skiing. Imagine now the doctor doesn’t move because he’s not happy. I mean how many lives were sacrificed on the altar of laziness and selfishness?

Why does Donald Trump want to build a wall? Didn’t he notice history has a tendency to destroy walls? Why doesn’t he write a song about it?

How Does Chapter 11 Feel For Everyone?

If you go bankrupt remember one man’s loss is another man’s gain. I guess we are all musicians down here: it’s just that some of us can find the words and others decide to be a caricature.

Lately I was wondering if Trump wasn’t surrounded by whores and prostitutes: “we’re gonna build a wall and make Mexico pay for it”. This sounds like my definition of a bitch who goes out to buy cigarettes and manages to earn 10$ instead of giving 10$ to the merchant.

If the world’s oldest job could really make our lives better, one should wonder how you can end up like that? Is life just about exploiting others and their weaknesses?

We need a primal world, the best we can get, and then we will be able to focus on other things like space travels, the Big Bang, our life expectancy and how one song can save 3 months of your life.