I discovered alienation watching a French debate about work. They were talking about how working can make you feel less and less like you’re part of this world. What they didn’t know is that someone found a way to deal with alienation 4 years later.

But first I want to talk about Israel, our neighbour in Lebanon. I don’t know why Lebanon is at war with Israel. I noticed some friends of mine that tried hard to have good relations with their neighbours.

The land of Israel might really be the land of alienation and this is no surprise that the saviour of humanity appeared there 2000 years ago. Jesus’ message was simple and that might be why it was massively successful. It’s true we’ve had other prophets but Christianity is simple and one day it might call you like a friend on the telephone.

So here we will have a simple message to deal with alienation. It’s a very specific problem that needs a very simple response.

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