Today I want to write about mirrors. In the coffee shop I go to every day (Cantina Sociale in Ashrafieh, Beirut), there’s a big mirror in front of you when you go order something. In the 19th century, America’s town made sure the saloon had mirrors so you can check when someone shoots you in the back.

I guess this becomes simple to understand why you should take care of your mirrors (especially the human ones): if someone tries to stab you in the back, your mirrors will warn you.

Take for example one of my former bosses: he once told me that “someone will raid my network”. While I was a bit flattered because I also was proud of the people I knew, it kind of made me sick a little, as if I didn’t see this coming.

You break another mirror and you start to turn into something you are not.

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What Does The Mirror Think About Love?

I already talked about love on that blog but there are a few things I remember from my mirrors:

  1. love is a drug and I need to score,
  2. it’s something that lasts and you don’t feel it alone,
  3. there’s a thin line between love and hate,
  4. the price of love is not cheap.

I guess you can have several mirrors in life but there must be one that shows an unbiased point of view like the one in the bathroom or the one in the coffee shop. The lesson is easy to see: you will be stabbed in the back someday.

Long is the time and hard is the road: yesterday I was talking about a place to put down your heavy load. I guess a blog is a good place because you can make money with your confessions. Previously, this wasn’t really the case.

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What Does The Mirror Think About Justice?

Justice is an important subject like love. In fact, it seems it’s the only subject that can rival love. So what does the music or the mirror think about justice? When it comes to justice there is at least one thing that’s so obvious that any law professional will make you a God:

  1. there are things we shouldn’t do,
  2. don’t take offense at the innuendo,
  3. waiting for the hammer to fall is an unbelievable moment,
  4. but watch out because you could end up with severe ruminations.

Living for the city is an incredible experience: it’s because animals there are much less cruel and severe than in nature. But I guess we should watch out for the jury of our peers because they might be biased.

As far as I’m concerned, I’ve got 10 years to lose if I catch them. Yes, I’m talking about that pleasure party where I wasn’t invited but I could have a look thanks to the flat where I lived.

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What Does The Mirror Think About Mirrors?

A mirror will warn you if someone tries to shoot you in the back while ordering a tequila sunrise. But only if it’s a trustable mirror. The mirror will also reveal your animality and the complexity of the animal reign will become fairly understandable: a winnable war.

Why was a winnable war a little criticized by Sting in his song “Russians”?

Suddenly you stumble in Google on the War in Afghanistan: it’s a proxy war and there is a reign of terror. It’s as if you didn’t like my blog and I would retaliate by writing an insane piece about your blog. When you lose a winnable war, you start wondering: isn’t there a stairway to hell and a highway to heaven?

I would rather like my mirrors unbiased in order to have reliable information. Now it seems quite clear the first thing you should do when reading a newspaper is knowing who is the owner.

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Am I Stabbing Someone In The Back?

The conclusion is very simple: it’s time for me to introduce myself thoroughly. I’m French and Lebanese and I don’t speak Arabic very well. I like music a lot but every kind of music as long as I can perceive an element of dignity.

I used to be an engineer and I worked 5 years in banks. The government and the industry owe me at least 25 million dollars and I’m still waiting for the payment. And that’s why I’m writing this blog: I know 10,000 songs and thought it should make me some money while I wait for the payment.

I’m also discovering what it means to have a business: profits or problem solving, this is debatable. I must also warn you I’m an astronomy fan and I’m rooting for peace on Earth and space traveling as if you brushed your teeth.

My thoughts are sometimes corrupted by a bad influence: most of the time it will be gross and perverted. But if you can perceive the humor behind the confusion, then we will win.

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