Today I want to write about India and the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). This alliance is a bit surprising because you can’t help but wonder how one can collaborate correctly with someone far away. I guess if it’s not urgent then you could imagine this alliance and the BRICS might be just an alliance for the long run.

One shouldn’t laugh too much about the BRICS because they’re serious about the suicide of Europe and maybe the United States. In a previous post, I imagined Hitler was just an Indian agent to destroy Europe from within (as if you ate a rotten sandwich with harissa).

7 billion souls await the next move of the BRICS but someone stood up and said: we are under the same sun. And the dirty old part of the city where the sun refuses to shine should try a little bit harder to make our dream come true: peace on Earth and space exploration.

First let’s try to understand the 2 pillars of the BRICS. The first one is easy to see: they are the lords of intensity and complexity.

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Do You Need A Good Defense Against BRICS?

For the BRICS, the best defence is attacking so you should work on your defences: lots of rest, healthy diet and regular exercise. Readers of that blog know I’m a big fan of Jimi Hendrix and my motto is: I try to get up everyday.

The fact that India’s prime minister decided to defend cows makes me wonder if he only wanted to defend rumination and intense emotions. Intensity can lead to complex emotions and that may be why Narendra Modi is so charismatic.

I’ve had my share of complex emotions and now I understand why I ended up in a clinic with neuroleptics. The BRICS considered I was a dangerous person and tried to simplify my emotions. Today I’m writing that blog in a state of total confusion.

Who was this undercover agent for the blues? Shouldn’t I need a strong stimulant to kick them blues?

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Do The BRICS Like Rumination And Deception?

Needless to say the BRICS will recruit people that were disappointed by the politic of our lords. They say it’s not unusual but should you change partners each time you are disappointed?

I must say the BRICS hurt me during the first decade of the 21st century.

The more I think about it, the more I think they have a problem with European princesses. We know Russians have a problem with their children: they almost want to kill them just to relax a bit.

Brazil is still shocked after France’s win in the 1998 soccer World Cup. And South Africa is still mourning Nelson Mandela.

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What’s The Biggest Problem Of The BRICS?

The BRICS’ biggest problem is a simple one: they have no heart. And they experience pure massacres and families torn apart. Having a heart is like having an excellent shooter from 3pt range in basketball: it means if you’re trailing, you can catch up by using a strategy based on freeing your 3pt shooters.

I guess one should try to define what a heart is and maybe my method WtoH™ and 5to1™ will help. Send me a message to discover that method and I will send you the code to find a hidden meaning in all the words you find (the price is only for 4499€).

According to this method, our heart could simply be a matter of compensation. Because humanity knows that risk free gambles are rare, we’re interested in compensations when we have to take risks and we fail. We’re also interested in finding again that lost paradise (but we can’t be precise).

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Was That A Bad Case Of Rivalry And Vengeance?

We might also look for the wilderness again. Wilderness or wildland is a natural environment on Earth that has not been significantly modified by human activity. It may also be defined as: “The most intact, undisturbed wild natural areas left on our planet—those last truly wild places that humans do not control and have not developed with roads, pipelines or other industrial infrastructure.” The term has traditionally referred to terrestrial environments, though growing attention is being placed on marine wilderness.

Anyway those who have a heart know it’s the most powerful organ of humanity. The BRICS and their 2 pillars (intensity and complexity, defence of rumination) know they have a big role in the future of planet Earth. If only they didn’t welcome the Nazis who lost WW2. The Nazis weren’t so crazy after all if they had a compensation waiting for them.

Thanks for reading that post. Please leave a comment below explaining your nuanced approach. What do you think of the BRICS? Is this a geopolitical alliance that will be important in the future? And what compensation for those who like them but are attacked by them?