Today I want to be honest. I want to blog urgently about the reign of Bibi Metayahoo. With that kind of ruler, we will be the kings of pain: the exact contrary of hedonism.

I know what you think: what do you mean META YAHOO? Security officers decided they didn’t care what kind of conversation you had with someone. As long as they’ve seen you tried to call someone, they don’t care about what you talked about.

Take for example one of my Italian friends and the kind of conversation we could have had:

  • that pizza is awesome, specially the margarita with added ham,
  • I’m tired of the alliance of Jews and how it was contracted,
  • it seems Freddie Mercury was a flamboyant Zoroastrian,
  • none of the above: we talked about NBA statistics.

See that makes a real difference in terms of information. How many innocent lives were claimed with the reign of Bibi Metayahoo? And how many are still suffering with an unknown intensity?

I’m not worried at all: I couldn’t find the words and they found me. The conclusion is easy to see: vague unconscious mess leading to self-destruct.

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Will The Ignorance Stop One Day?

Yes dear reader there are things you have to know. Our security officers sometimes don’t care about your conversation. They only care about you being friend with someone.

Needless to say those security officers can only handle information that makes them comfortable. Otherwise prepare for a hard digestion disguised in heart failure.

I could have worked as a security officer but I think I was since I loved signal processing. And maybe listening to so many songs (more than 10,000) is closely related to prudence and security.

When I listen to music, there are of course information that make me mad:

  • there’s a thin line between love and hate,
  • the price of love is not cheap.

But I also can get information that make me happy:

  • love lasts for a long time and you don’t feel it alone,
  • love is a walk down on Main Street.
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What Happened When Zappa Met The Ikettes?

Frank Zappa hired The Ikettes once (background singers of Ike Turner, the husband of Tina Turner). When he discovered one of the songs was very difficult, he asked The Ikettes not to be mentioned in the record.

It’s so funny sometimes to see the reaction of people who are completely biased because of their selfishness and laziness. I remember Bibi Metayahoo trying to comfort someone who was in a wheelchair because of a rescue operation that went wrong.

I guess being a head of state is a lot of responsibility but you’d better use your senses: it matters a lot if I talked about a wonderful pizza or the alliance of Jews with God.

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Was The Reign About Spider Webs?

It seems the method of Bibi Metayahoo was called spider web: they didn’t know what they were looking for and decided to put traps everywhere and see who they catches. I’m a great musician and I’m ashamed to say I fell into the trap.

Readers of that blog know I might be one of the last shadow puppets.

It means it’s subtle like an earthquake and you make mistake because you’re missing something. It cuts you open like a knife and leaves you vulnerable.

Security officers didn’t know who was going to fall into their trap and, when they caught me, they discovered 10,000 songs rated 4 or 5 stars. Of course, they didn’t have any problem ruining my life while listening to the songs.

There must be some kind of way out of here said the musician to the vacationer. But let’s see if Sting can help us with this song!

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Did They Just Wanted To Be Solid?

If life belongs to the strong (Alfie), then I guess it’s wise to be cruel. Or maybe it’s wise to have good information and use your sense. There are troubling coincidences on Earth and now we can see clearly the reign of BIBI METAYAHOO: there’s a little black spot on the Sun today.

This means that convection is impossible because people are solid: they’re freezing and dissociating or maybe they want to go to see the police but can’t find the words.

This little black spot on the Sun today means 2 things:

  1. the temperature will be cold so be careful,
  2. this will last a few months (worst case scenario).

I guess there is hope today with this post if our leaders are just experiencing temporary phenomenons where we have to ditch our summer song. As a reminder, it means there’s too much to say and you shut up. If you want to let life flow, you have to give the bottomline: people don’t have time to read!

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