Yesterday I asked someone I met to be friends on Facebook. We met like 2 years ago maybe; I don’t remember when but I remember the place. Anyway, I’m sitting next to people in a coffee shop and I can hear their conversation: one girl mentions it takes 3 months to get over a bad trip.

Are drugs that bad? After all, they’re just giving a direction to the brain which is in charge of accounting. Maybe there’s a drug that can credit your bank account with a nice amount in 3 months (for example, 50,000€). Or maybe you’re already rich and beautiful but something is playing a game on you.

Would you choose water over wine? And can you change water into wine?

Right now I chose coffee over water and wine. It seems coffee is a powerful drug but there’s only one condition: you have to remain calm. Maybe a cigarette could be nice with that coffee and the equation becomes simple:

  • caffeine makes you scream stop the witchcraft of the rain and the steam,
  • nicotine makes you start your company with awesome solutions.

Lately I was blogging about MDMA (aka ecstasy): 3,4-methyl​enedioxy​methamphetamine. With that kind of name, please rest assured the trip will be complex. It might be why you experience bad beats.

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How Long Until You Reach Normal Dimensions?

In 2013, I went into the French alps to participate in a special cure. During 3 weeks, the planning was rather interesting:

  1. you wake up and rush to experience a massage and a shower,
  2. you can participate twice a day in walks in nature (morning and afternoon),
  3. lunch and dinner are served and were cooked by a special chef,
  4. you can try yoga if your mind is open enough,
  5. your spare time should be used to study something you love.

When I came back in Paris, I almost fell seriously ill but got myself together. Then during 6 months, I tried to keep that same old feeling and lost 20 kilos in 6 months. Of course, I had something in mind like having a great musical career.

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How Long Before A Business Takes Off?

This paragraph will be about the business person in you. For a normal business, don’t expect results before 2 years. If you quit before 2 years, you will never experience the high.

This blogging advice is from a well-known source that Neil Patel cited in one of his post. They were saying that, if there’s only one advice to follow this is the one: most people give up after 9 months and you have to wait 2 years before you see success.

The conclusion is easy to see: if you don’t see success after 3 years, it’s time to think about what you do. Maybe you need to change something or you need a little room?

Was it the simple things that made people crazy about this business? Remember I have a PDF with secret combinations to play on words.

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How Long Before You Realise You Were Wrong?

You’re walking down Baker Street in London. Your head is light but your feet are dead. Another crazy day: you drink the night away and you try to forget. Jesus would tell you to forgive and maybe Bill Withers will comfort you: we all have our own confusion.

Is the grass really greener on other blogs or is it just a problem-solving matter?

Lately I was having a look at the wikipedia entry on problem solving. It was rather interesting and they were mentioning several methods to find solutions to troubles and pressure.

There is one method I liked called PROOF: try to prove the problem is unsolvable and when you find it’s not, you start to investigate from this point. Recently, I was wondering why I didn’t have members on my blog (subscriber that have access to premium content).

Then I decided to offer a free membership for the first 200 subscribers. In 3 months, the community of this blog will start to thrive.

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Will It Take 6 Months Maximum Like A Sunspot?

Lately I was blogging about Bibi Metayahoo. I imagined our leaders as if they were the sun which experiences dark spots. Those periods of awful cold can last maximum 6 months and that’s good news.

So how come my heartaches lasted almost 26 years? That’s because there was at least a double crucifixion. I’m not Jesus who experienced the heavy cross around 33. I was crucified at least twice at 14. You could say it’s because of the mud and I need a fancy partner like a horse or a car.

26 years is a long time and maybe I didn’t forget my crime. I’m a long time investigator and I’m serving time. To be honest, if we hadn’t won, I would have been disgusted!

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