Will You Let Me Be More Precise?

This blog is based on jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electro music. As a result, we are exploring several decades of music which are based on music of the past. I felt those genres were enough to have a decent musical culture in order to leave a mark on society.

I’m not using all the tricks that I used for jam sessions, small projects and the civil war. But I want to make sure knowing 8000 songs can be of any use here on Earth. Lately I thought that people who thought money was above all made a mistake: words are above all and music enriches your vocabulary and your imagination.

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Creativity is about diet and listening to a lot of music genre can help you make the hit of the century. But first let’s make sure you know about my favourite songs!

Let’s Talk About Me For A Moment!

I have a diploma in engineering but I always thought music was very important for me. Of course, I won’t say something bad about engineering since I also like science and astronomy. By the way, that blog isn’t only about music; it’s also about finding a way to travel the Milky Way without having a heart attack every 5 seconds.

I was born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1980 during the civil war. In 1983, my parents left the country and went to Paris, France. Our neighbours were all nazis and were using neuroleptics as if it would allow them to survive.

After 1990, we started to come back to Lebanon for holidays and I had the privilege to rediscover this wonderful country we call Lebanon and its stunning nature. My family was in Lebanon and Switzerland so I felt also European. Now with music I think I’m a citizen of the world even though I can be quite demanding on the music quality.

Since 2010, I dedicate my life solely to music and astronomy. I had a brief 5-years stint in the banking industry where, deep inside, everybody was thinking about music and not money. For example, they used to talk about the “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust” in order to communicate on a boss that won’t become president of the company.

I have spent several years going to jam sessions, listening to music, dealing with wonderful teachers, playing the guitar and saxophone; my goal is to make a living with that blog. If you want to join me and make that blog the new Huffington Post with a deliberate musical angle on life, please go the jobs page or contact me.