This blog is a serious one about music and sounds. Insights come from 75 years of recordings because this party is over and I’m not that cold sober.

Let Me Introduce You To Myself

I could talk about me for hours or maybe you also but one thing is for sure: at 38 years old, I’m old and wise enough to make a timeline. So here it is with important dates of my life as if a historian had done his job correctly.

  • 1980 : I was born in Beirut during the Civil War from a Sursock father (a family that had roots in Ottoman Turkey) and a Naggear mother (her father was the first Lebanese polytechnician, a famous French engineering school),
  • 1983 : my parents decided to leave Lebanon for Paris, France. It seems I couldn’t sleep anymore and maybe we were all tired to live together (my father has 3 sisters and at some point, 4 families were living in a small flat, one family by room),
  • 1988 : I was accepted in a French school, known for its open-mind, called Gerson. Surrounded by French people and other nationalities, I had to change school,
  • 1990 : I was accepted into a French girl school where you are allowed only if you have a sister. That school, called La Tour, was a school where famous French sex symbol Brigitte Bardot was when she was under 18,
  • 1992 : I was fond of music since I cried one day listening to a Phil Collins song called “Do You Remember?”. We had a trip to England and suddenly I was missing everybody.
  • 1993 : I started taking guitar lessons and listening to Genesis and R.E.M. I wasn’t good in music, I even had some ZERO at school. The guitar felt quite mysterious for some time.
  • 1994 : for the first time in my life, I experienced the loss of loved ones. I swore to myself I would never miss a funeral again in the future.
  • 1996 : I experienced the European youth meeting in the wonderful town of Lugano in Switzerland. Surrounded by Spaniards, Turks and other nationalities, I was amazed by our differences even though most of us could quite relate to each other,
  • 1997 : that was a tough year for me because an atomic bomb was used to get rid of my acne vulgaris that every teenager knows about. As time went by, I suspected it was a chemical weapon used by the political police to toy with me. I also had to change school because I was accepted in economy but not science,
  • 1998 : a breakthrough year, the last year in high school, I managed to graduate and fly to Los Angeles, California to take astronomy lessons,
  • 1999 : that year was special for me because my father left to work in Lebanon and suddenly I became the man in the house. While I remained in Paris, I didn’t go out much except in coffee shops and my grades were a bit strange.
  • 2000 : this year was special because it was the year where I met some good friends. We shared the same respect to music and started a band for fun. I played guitar and we would meet at a friends’ house in Paris and play the whole afternoon. It’s so special when you play in a band,
  • 2001 : that year was also special because I worked with my father during the Summer and invited a friend. Our friends in Lebanon responded with amazing presence; we spent our time outside and even managed to participate in a beach party,
  • 2002 : that year was also special because it was the first time I would experience physical love with a mature attitude. Needless to say, my girlfriend and I were deeply in love and needless to say, the story ended badly (we will try to debrief a little in that blog),
  • 2003 : the final year before I would enter the labor market. I managed to do an internship at the prestigious French research center IRCAM where the focus was on sounds and music. Although I was feeling a bit dizzy by my entourage, I managed to work hard and graduate.
  • 2004 : a year that will go down in history as the year of the crossroad. My girlfriend and I broke up and I decided to work in the banking industry because I was paid 300 euros a month during my internship at IRCAM. Kind of a stairway to horror stories even though it’s debatable! 🙂

Money’s Too Tight To Mention But…

Maybe you hesitate and wonder if your small contribution can help, but rest assured that it will be much appreciated. I managed to have an easy way to send money, you can use the blue donate button. I noticed sometimes the button doesn’t show up (if this is the case for you, you have to clear your browser’s cache).

You will find affiliate links on that blog. If you like the songs, albums or artists, make sure to buy the songs. I partnered with Apple Music because they offer an easy affiliate program but I guess a lot of people use Spotify today.

Regarding donations, you can also send me a message through the contact page (or here: I will send you my banking identity details by email. The following piece of information is required:

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About Happiness: Conscience I Guess

After 20 years of music and a short career in banking, I decided to make a living on that blog.

Themes I like to explore are sports, art, science, philosophy, health, and travels. But thanks to music, a lot of topics will be evoked. Music will be the tool to verify information. For example, a doctor once said that knees are important because they reveal something about your unconscious.

I went through my record collection and I can confirm that. Almost daily, I will use one song as a prompt and write 1200 words at least. I’ll try making pillar content (one who resists the test of time), list posts that will be fun to write, and of course, I’ll try to make epic content dealing with a variety of subjects.

The only thing important to me is that music will be our guide. The post will be vague enough so you can relate and precise enough so you get the message. You can compare it to a song of 1200 words.

Like A Pink Donation To Dreams

One word on the business model I chose. As of today, I have several strategies to make money on that blog:

  • advertising, which is somewhat classic,
  • affiliate links, because I recommend the music I choose,
  • donations, if you like that blog and my music,
  • membership, to discuss dreams and complex things,
  • sponsors, people who believe in that project,
  • freelance, for people who want to hire me.

I plan to make a living with that blog and, if everything goes according to plan, I will surround myself with a small team. Because I need people to help me with the non-creative stuff.

The goal is to hang around with other talented artists and musicians. I know a few places in Paris and Beirut where this is the case. An intense social life that music will help us remember.

The Soul Of A Man, In His Hands

For transparency reasons, I decided to publish the site description I thought of before choosing the one above:

  • Animals in the 21st Century
  • Justice 4 Generation Why
  • Mediterranean Sundance in Europe
  • Rip the Mic, the Stage, and the System
  • The Minutes Change Like Seasons
  • Fur Christel, Maya, and Stefanie
  • The Life of a Star Whose Cover Was Blown
  • Because Words Are Not Trivial
  • A Near Allusive Experience

The goal of that blog based on music is to educate, entertain, and inform. When I was younger, I used to listen to Quentin Tarantino’s film music. I quote: “An idea for a film? I’ll go through my record collection and hit one or two songs”. You’re reading a blog based on 20 years of wisdom and experience. But I’ll be glad when I go on holidays.

Also, feel free to explore my songwriting, dj-mixes, and videos of jam sessions. I decided to do lots of things in relation to music and this blog is kind of a philosophy class based on the music of the last 100 years.

  1. YouTube for videos of jam sessions and concerts,
  2. SoundCloud for my original songs,
  3. MixCloud for DJ mixes (also,
  4. Facebook fan page for die-hard followers.

Most of the information I get for the music comes from: Wikipedia,, (lyrics) and iTunes Music. Pictures come from: and (pictures are free of royalties) but I’m considering taking my own pictures to illustrate the blog. Maybe I will try to find a graphic designer.

I hope our legs won’t break, writing and reading that blog.

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