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This blog is a serious one about music and sounds. Insights come from 75 years of recordings because this party is over and I’m not that cold sober. I know people don’t have time to read so I’ll give the bottomline: I’m a talented musician and I need to digest 10000 songs.

It can take time to know right from wrong but a good song is easily spotted: I recommend it on that blog. It can take time to find the song appropriate for the moment but if you don’t quit you can find it.

A good song can be so inspiring. Sometimes conversation runs dry with your loved ones. But there must be something we can do. Feel the sunshine everyday with that blog!

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Money’s Too Tight To Mention

Maybe you hesitate and wonder if your small contribution can help, but rest assured that it will be much appreciated. You can use the donation page in the menu above. Feel free to send whatever you want but I would recommend between 20 and 100 euros or dollar. Of course, you also can subscribe!

You will find affiliate links on that blog. If you like the songs, albums or artists, make sure to buy the songs. I partnered with Apple Music because they offer an easy affiliate program but I guess a lot of people use Spotify today.

Regarding donations of the sponsor type (superior to 2000 euros or dollar), you can also send me a message through the contact page. I will send you my banking identity details by email. The following piece of information is required:

  • the bank account details of the beneficiary (me),
  • the bank account details of the sender (you),
  • the transfer amount,
  • don’t forget to specify “[SoundSirius.Blog] Donations” in the reason why you send money.
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About Happiness: Conscience I Guess

After 20 years of music and a short career in banking, I decided to make a living on that blog.

Themes I like to explore are sports, art, science, philosophy, health, and travels. But thanks to music, a lot of topics will be evoked. Music will be the tool to verify information. For example, a doctor once said that knees are important because they reveal something about your unconscious.

I went through my record collection and I can confirm that. Almost daily, I will use one song as a prompt and write 1200 words at least. I’ll try making pillar content (one who resists the test of time), list posts that will be fun to write, and of course, I’ll try to make epic content dealing with a variety of subjects.

The only thing important to me is that music will be our guide. The post will be vague enough so you can relate and precise enough so you get the message. You can compare it to a song of 1200 words.

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Like A Pink Donation To Dreams

One word on the business model I chose. As of today, I have several strategies to make money on that blog:

  • advertising, which is somewhat classic,
  • affiliate links, because I recommend the music I choose,
  • donations, if you like that blog and my music,
  • membership, to discuss dreams and complex things,
  • sponsors, people who believe in that project,
  • freelance, for people who want to hire me.

Again, if you want to donate to this blog, please use the blue Stripe button. It will mean so much to me because my music coach wanted me to go play the guitar in front of people sipping coffee and I felt like I deserved better.

I plan to make a living with that blog and, if everything goes according to plan, I will surround myself with a small team. Because I need people to help me with the non-creative stuff.

The goal is to hang around with other talented artists and musicians. I know a few places in Paris and Beirut where this is the case. An intense social life that music will help us remember.

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The Soul Of A Man, In His Hands

For transparency reasons, I decided to publish the site description I thought of before choosing the one above:

  1. Animals in the 21st Century
  2. Justice 4 Generation Why
  3. Mediterranean Sundance in Europe
  4. Rip the Mic, the Stage, and the System
  5. The Minutes Change Like Seasons
  6. Fur Christel, Maya, and Stefanie
  7. The Life of a Star Whose Cover Was Blown
  8. Because Words Are Not Trivial
  9. A Near Allusive Experience

The goal of that blog based on music is to educate, entertain, and inform. When I was younger, I used to listen to Quentin Tarantino’s film music. I quote: “An idea for a film? I’ll go through my record collection and hit one or two songs”. You’re reading a blog based on 20 years of wisdom and experience. But I’ll be glad when I go on holidays.

Also, feel free to explore my songwriting, dj-mixes, and videos of jam sessions. I decided to do lots of things in relation to music and this blog is kind of a philosophy class based on the music of the last 100 years. You can find the links in the menu above.

  • YouTube for videos of jam sessions and concerts,
  • SoundCloud for my original songs,
  • MixCloud for DJ mixes (also SoundsGood.co),
  • Facebook fan page for die-hard followers,
  • Most of the information I get for the music comes from: Wikipedia, SongFacts.com, Genius.com (lyrics) and iTunes Music.

I hope our legs won’t break, writing and reading that blog. I also am registered with the BlogLovin website which makes it easy to find blogs. If you like to read, make sure to check it out. And please remember to donate, subscribe, explore the blog, listen to songs’ previews, consult me or sponsor me.

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