More Money As A Butcher?

During my long career in music which started when I was born and maybe during my prenatal chen, a few songs really stood out. I have 10000 songs on my computer and rated 4 or 5 stars around 4000. But this song selection allowed me to win several awards.

Peer recognition is important but the public also knows a lot about music. For 40000 years, we relied on sound when our vision was clouded by the coven. This isn’t over, I know it, and that’s why I’m writing a blog.

I believe like Schopenhauer and Nietzsche that music is superior to other art forms, not because I’m an arrogant little prick but because music really develops your emotional intelligence.

Emotions can be complex when they’re not simple. For humans (I’m not talking about aliens and robots), when an emotion is not simple, it can be a mixed emotion, a repelled one or a pseudo one. One day I’ll write a post about that! In the meantime enjoy the gallery.

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Song #1: Like Thoughts Inside A Dream.

In 2010, there were a string of songs that almost made history. I always felt music was your only reliable friend in difficult moments. Maybe because our minds can go through changes. Adjusting to climate change for example will be the next challenge. Otherwise mankind could end up like the dinosaurs.

What’s interesting in the song I’m talking about (“Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin) is that it’s an epic rock song mixing elements of the byzantine scale and minor melodic scale. All band members agreed this song was their strongest one and it became a staple of their concerts.

Maybe that’s because he mentions the most important things right from the start: the Sun (our stable star we can’t live without) and spacetime traveling. I remember this song saved my life because it kind of showed I had a good musical culture. My stupid friends had made a caricature out of me.

Music is your only friend, that’s the fact like blufunk. Now let’s tackle an important issue: yes I’m talking about what women want.

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Song #2: Mystery Man Came Over And Disappeared.

When it comes to good songs, feedback is important. “Cosmik Debris” by Frank Zappa really helped on important topics like the future, prostitution and the business side of medicine. Even though context was critical, I know this song is special: it was a hit in Europe and maybe more in 2010.

It seems I posted this song on Facebook and there was a genocide. Maybe women thought: “this is exactly how I feel”. The day after, I cried on another song and one could say it was an emotional moment.

We didn’t understand what was going on: the sky was red and we didn’t understand. They can curse you with a wave of the hand. Anyway this song is a wonderful example of collaboration between black and white artists. For me it’s the song of the future: everything we do will be compared to that song.

Now we know what women blame in men. But let’s see why children are down here!

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Song #3: Friends Got Bored And Laid.

This song is also special: I’m talking about “Boy on the Bridge” by Murray Head. Everyone talks about freedom but the truth is you might get lonely with freedom. Busy people are everywhere and every artist knows sometimes you might get bored and create a good song. That might be why children are here on Earth: a bit of creativity.

Nobody knows where it began this story about men and women. But when I heard this song I collapsed on my bed in a moment of pure emotion. It was like the complex emotion was really simple. I can’t describe in other words: a complex emotion stripped down to the bare minimum.

I’m not a minimalist but sometimes I wish I was. Excess baggage is a burden and airlines restrict it to 22 kilos. Maybe that’s why I’m writing this blog: I want to lessen my burden. This is exactly what I meant here: a complex emotion stripped to the fundamentals. This also happened in 2010.

Children are just like a song, or maybe a painting. But how can you really melt the heart of a woman?

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Song #4: Every Victory Has A Bittersweet Taste.

It’s a sad story but usually winning comes at a price. You have to make a lot of sacrifices like getting up early and training everyday. Otherwise, you might not be ready for the big game.

This song from Dire Straits called “On Every Street” was it seems what allowed to discover gravitational waves (those waves were predicted by Einstein). It’s like new light through old windows or maybe now you can listen to space. I know what you’re thinking: how can you have sounds in space if there is no atmosphere?

There’s an atmosphere in space: it’s so cold you can go to Siberia wearing a bathing suit. I am a firm believer that we will find traces of an ancient fight when we go to space. Although we might become clueless about it, we will remember the 2010 Big Bang: we agreed that chemical weapons should be banned.

What we will find in space will be predictable but watch out for the surprises! But let’s talk about the real secret down here on Earth and maybe on other worlds.

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Song #5: Took A Stone From My Soul When I Was Lame.

I know we are all looking for the Holy Grail. Some say it might be conscience. That’s why I’m going to think of one of my recent post. In the 12th century, they thought the grail was a stone.

This other song from Dire Straits is called “Six Blade Knife”. And the lyric I chose ends up like this: it was a taming experience as if you had animals in a cage and you were the boss of a zoo.

The grail might not be a stone then but a song and this is the strongest candidate I have. It has a lot of upsides. For example, this metaphor couldn’t be more clear: “you take away my mind like you take away the top of a tin”. Even Quentin Tarantino included this song in his movies. And my computer flashed when I was jamming home alone on this song.

Does anybody know the secret combination to this life? Here you have it: songs that are so special that they will become an official award to make great achievers happy.