What’s The 1st Level Of True Force?

Einstein used to say that no trouble can be solved without identifying the level of consciousness that generated it. And I must say levels of consciousness are a nice angle at the moment to understand what I go through. I tried to look for the page that mentioned these levels of consciousness but couldn't find … Continue reading What’s The 1st Level Of True Force?

Why Our Narcissistic Perversion Is Toxic

A serious music insight by Martin Solveig's song "Jealousy" starts a controversy about our allusions here on Earth. Earth was a compensation, what about space? (function(t,e,i,d){var o=t.getElementById(i),n=t.createElement(e);o.style.height=250;o.style.width=300;o.style.display='inline-block';n.id='ibb-widget',n.setAttribute('src',('https:'===t.location.protocol?'https://':'http://')+d),n.setAttribute('width','300'),n.setAttribute('height','250'),n.setAttribute('frameborder','0'),n.setAttribute('scrolling','no'),o.appendChild(n)})(document,'iframe','ibb-widget-root-289385285',"banners.itunes.apple.com/banner.html?partnerId=&aId=&bt=catalog&t=catalog_white&id=289385285&c=us&l=en-US&w=300&h=250&store=appleMusic"); I think if mankind wants to survive, and live a better and longer life, one must deal with that famous jealousy witnessed around age 14. Lord, I was … Continue reading Why Our Narcissistic Perversion Is Toxic

Siberia Fans Jumping In The Concert Pit

A serious music insight by a song reminds me that the real challenge is not to reach the highest level, the goal is to stay on top as if you were a bird. (function(t,e,i,d){var o=t.getElementById(i),n=t.createElement(e);o.style.height=250;o.style.width=300;o.style.display='inline-block';n.id='ibb-widget',n.setAttribute('src',('https:'===t.location.protocol?'https://':'http://')+d),n.setAttribute('width','300'),n.setAttribute('height','250'),n.setAttribute('frameborder','0'),n.setAttribute('scrolling','no'),o.appendChild(n)})(document,'iframe','ibb-widget-root-860304629',"banners.itunes.apple.com/banner.html?partnerId=&aId=&bt=catalog&t=catalog_white&id=860304629&c=us&l=en-US&w=300&h=250&store=appleMusic"); Nobody knows why a bird flies. But we know today how it feels thanks to satellites and planes. Why did … Continue reading Siberia Fans Jumping In The Concert Pit