Why Criticising May Be The Key To Our Salvation.

Nina Simone used to sing that someone made someone out of her. The problem was she didn't exactly who she was. This is in line with our quest for identity that the simplest trip can seriously shake. Yesterday I was wondering if life wasn't simply about conscience and criticizing. So maybe Nina Simone is just … Continue reading Why Criticising May Be The Key To Our Salvation.

A Basic Yet Effective Model Of Society

A serious music insight from a song covered by Eric Clapton in his unplugged from 1994 confirms what my dear cousin used to say about those needing help. (function(t,e,i,d){var o=t.getElementById(i),n=t.createElement(e);o.style.height=250;o.style.width=300;o.style.display='inline-block';n.id='ibb-widget',n.setAttribute('src',('https:'===t.location.protocol?'https://':'http://')+d),n.setAttribute('width','300'),n.setAttribute('height','250'),n.setAttribute('frameborder','0'),n.setAttribute('scrolling','no'),o.appendChild(n)})(document,'iframe','ibb-widget-root-718185686',"banners.itunes.apple.com/banner.html?partnerId=&aId=&bt=catalog&t=catalog_white&id=718185686&c=us&l=en-US&w=300&h=250&store=appleMusic"); Got to get better before you die. 7 doctors might have helped you but you still feel that heart attack like something you didn't quite … Continue reading A Basic Yet Effective Model Of Society

Stay On Top, Life Will Reward You

A serious music insight by Limp Bizkit's "Take a Look Around" asks the question of the secret to a happy life. I think I know the answer and it's no mystery. (function(t,e,i,d){var o=t.getElementById(i),n=t.createElement(e);o.style.height=250;o.style.width=300;o.style.display='inline-block';n.id='ibb-widget',n.setAttribute('src',('https:'===t.location.protocol?'https://':'http://')+d),n.setAttribute('width','300'),n.setAttribute('height','250'),n.setAttribute('frameborder','0'),n.setAttribute('scrolling','no'),o.appendChild(n)})(document,'iframe','ibb-widget-root-1055805674',"banners.itunes.apple.com/banner.html?partnerId=&aId=&bt=catalog&t=catalog_white&id=1055805674&c=us&l=en-US&w=300&h=250&store=appleMusic"); I'm back from my 1-month holiday which was a holiday for my entourage. I couldn't rest one single day but decided to … Continue reading Stay On Top, Life Will Reward You

The Key to Productivity is a Deadline

A serious music insight from Mirwais' album "Production" confirms that the key to productivity is a deadline. Stop overthinking! (success is not normal) Disclosure: some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. (function(t,e,i,d){var o=t.getElementById(i),n=t.createElement(e);o.style.height=250;o.style.width=300;o.style.display='inline-block';n.id='ibb-widget',n.setAttribute('src',('https:'===t.location.protocol?'https://':'http://')+d),n.setAttribute('width','300'),n.setAttribute('height','250'),n.setAttribute('frameborder','0'),n.setAttribute('scrolling','no'),o.appendChild(n)})(document,'iframe','ibb-widget-root-505712797',"banners.itunes.apple.com/banner.html?partnerId=&aId=&bt=catalog&t=catalog_black&id=505712797&c=us&l=en-US&w=300&h=250&store=music"); You … Continue reading The Key to Productivity is a Deadline

In the cold distance, a refundable solution

I was thinking about the key to failure and how setting goals is critical. Doesn’t take scientist to understand what’s going on. Anyway, let’s find out if that love souvenir will make a fool out of me! Comfortably Numb I got that feeling once again; I can’t explain, you would not understand. Depression should be linked … Continue reading In the cold distance, a refundable solution