Why Don’t You Join Me Blogging Almost Everyday?

Instead of smoking weed and meditating, participate with me in finding the right words to describe the world from a musical perspective. For example, what should we think about the wall Donald Trump wants to build near Mexico? Help me find the right songs, proofread a little and have an area of expertise.

Having a musical perspective on life can be really rewarding. A lot of people do so you won’t be alone. But it’s the power of music for every moment of your life that should help make this blog an epic one, visited by thousands of people around the world.

This blog also has a clear astronomy perspective and we are trying here to find the right system to make space exploration easy. We won’t go as far as changing the laws of the universe but maybe we will find a way to travel from Paris to Beirut in 5 seconds!


I’m looking urgently for a marketing expert to be in charge of all the marketing of the blog. Here we make a daily amazing promise to make people’s day better by blogging about an interesting subject and having a nice angle on it. Usually the music will be the inspiration for our position. The goal would be to reach 1000 daily visitors fast!


I’m looking for 2 designers to make images for each blog posts. Most of the time, posts will feature 4 or 5 images that illustrators will have to make daily. Images should be near-photographic and the inspiration could come from a variety of sources but usually from free stock images like Pixabay or Pexels or Shutterstock. Posts with images get twice more traffic!


I’m looking for someone in charge of everything legal. I have already a legal page mentioning what to expect from the blog but someone should be in charge and be vigilant to minimise disputes. If this blog reaches 1000 visitors, this will be a very important position to fill!

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