How Come You Got Me On My Feet?

I used to spend some time in Paris going to jam sessions in order to play with other musicians. I didn’t have a band at the moment and I was missing playing with humans. Of course, while I was going out almost every night, I was monitoring small ads for rare jewels.

I always go with the heart and I have met several skilled musicians to work with that way. Those ads can also be a place for selling and buying stuff or for any kind of employment (a Monster website specialised in music and sounds).

This is available only to members (weekly 9.95€ fee, cancel anytime). This is to guarantee the quality of the ads. Meet musicians and chat with them: you could have an illumination like “music is about problem solving”. By the way, the title of that post is a wonderful song by the band Orson called “No Tomorrow” (album: “Bright Idea” :)).

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