Do Posts All Look The Same?

Archiving a post was kind of a relief for me. I was thinking of deleting some post that I wrote but then I realised it’s like a baby’s first steps. Suddenly, people will shout that this blog is making money. And we will take lots of pictures.

Regarding the question at the top of the page, I use the power of free association. There’s a band called Archive who composed an album called “You All Look the Same to Me”. The cover featured a photo gallery of young adults (by the way, if you google it, you end up with “a rogue’s gallery”).

Good girls gone bad and bad boys caught by the police haunt this blog. I had the privilege to work 5 years in the banking industry. It was a crazy scene: new lovers meet, the sun and the moon salute us and some people will never get paid. Now I’m focusing on music and it’s a bit less crazy because we know how to find words. And if we can’t, we just make instrumental music.

Anyway, reading the archives of that blog can be a nice thing to do from time to time. I guess Rome wasn’t built in a day and we can stumble. So here it is just in case! Of course, this is only a subscriber’s privilege (only 9.95€ weekly, cancel anytime). You also get access to quality classified ads.

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