How To Subscribe To A Nice Sound.

This post was inspired by a French song that I like from Alain Souchon. I could blog about a secret recipe to make an awesome cake. Or maybe I will blog about awesome songs with beautiful lyrics.

There are many reasons why you would want to subscribe to that blog. But I’ve highlighted the 3 main reasons below. If you become a subscriber (aka a member), you will be part of a community adoring astronomy, music and life.

The plan is to pay 9.95‚ā¨ every week and you can cancel anytime. This will make you a special person with a solid musical education. Listening to good music is the key! The payment button is at the end of the post near the recap.

There are many reasons why you would want to be a part of select community. But here are the 3 main reasons to subscribe to that blog.

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Reason 1: Every Week, 3 Or 4 Excellent Songs

Most people will read that blog once a month. But if you come back every week, you will discover 3 or 4 excellent songs. Those songs might not be what you listen most of the time but I feel those songs make sense, like for example “The Wanderer” from U2 on the album Zooropa.

It’s like a jungle sometimes they used to say. But it might always be a jungle. That’s why we might have evolved a limbic brain so we can work together and specialise in something. I dedicate my life to music and, in case something happens to me, I hope I will be remembered like a music explorer.

Exploration is not that difficult: 5 minutes for a song, 8 hours for a book, 18 years for a child… And maybe 7 million years for understanding what can make humanity so sluggish sometimes. Here comes reason number 2.

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Reason 2: Get Access To Quality Classified Ads

When I was in Paris, I had a period where I would look at music ads on a daily basis. With a bit of patience, I met a few good musician with a lot of talent, even though life can sometimes be difficult. Sometimes it’s hard to finish a project but the longest journey starts with a single step.

I met a girl once and I said to her those words. Her answer was simple: I hope this is not a scam. The universe will explode because of one man’s lie and I hope to tell a bit of a truth on that blog. Because an honest signal should make us strong.

I’m a music lover and an astronomy fan. I like civilisation and I try to be interested on every subject. I even started to analyse Sigmund Freud. He said the basis of psychoanalysis was transference and this is what I’m doing: I hope you meet quality people on that blog so we can make a nice project.

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Reason 3: Get Access To Funny Archived Posts

As in all things, you have to practice to become better at something. My thing is music and I never imagined one day writing a blog. As if I was a beginner, my first posts will have a nice flavour of amateurism. But the point will always be interesting.

I’m archiving posts instead of deleting them. Sometimes, I don’t feel comfortable with all my opinions, my inner critic and the hoopla that a post can generate. But I’m willing to take a risk because it’s based on excellent jazz, blues, soul, rock and funk music. Even a bit of electronic.

It was acceptable in the 80s but now it seems people want other things. They want to know if space travels will become a reality before they die. Should they wait for the big announcement? I think that by 2020, we will start to make that dream come true.

In the meantime, let’s travel with music while we wait for astronomy to put us in our place. Government and industry won’t like it! ūüėÄ

Click the button above to start a regular membership (weekly 9.95‚ā¨ payment). You will gain access to the classified ad section of the blog and archived posts (cancel anytime). Remember that you can get 50% if you guess one of the small passage of the song I use on the podcast.

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