Song – Price : 999$ – Delivery : 1 month max

I’ll write a song for you and you can produce it.


Playlist – Price : 299$ – Delivery : 1 week max

I’ll create a playlist and you can relax anywhere .


Idea – Price : 49$ – Delivery : 1 day max

I’ll send you a music idea you can develop.


Code – Price : 4,499$ – Delivery : 1 hour max

I’ll send you codes (protected PDF) to play on words.

Why You Should Order One Of My Products.

Famous last words will hit you in the face one day. But here it’s simple: I’m making a product for you and your last words will be “not too bad”. You can get 4 kind of products here: songs, playlists or ideas (a small passage of music you can develop on your own) or codes to find a meaning to words you use. Of course, you can contact me for a special demand in case you don’t find what you like.

  1. I can compose a song for you based on your indications and my mood. It will be the result of a secret alchemy. Like babies, the song will be born and you will have to deal with it yourself. No modifications to the song will be made. You can check my SoundCloud for example,
  2. I can make playlist for you based on what you want, what you like. For example, I made several playlist of jazz, blues, soul, rock and funk. We can start with anything you want but the end result will be a 1-hour playlist. You can check my MixCloud and SoundsGood accounts,
  3. Now this is where I’m the most skilled: the 3rd product I’d like to talk about is an IDEA (a small music passage that can get you started). Like Quentin Tarantino used to say about movies, where can you find ideas for making music? You have to have a solid education and a strict diet. That’s my case so feel free to request an idea. For sample ideas, you must go to SoundCloud.
  4. I can send you a table with codes that reveal a hidden meaning in the words you find. For now, the table covers 3 to 9 letter words. For example, if you’re struggling for a poem or a song, use this method and find inspiration. Let’s have a look at the word HEART: using my method, you could discover the heart is about compensation and a lost paradise. You could use that meaning to write a song.
Product Song Playlist Idea Code
Delivery 1 month 1 week 1 day 1 hour
Price 999€ 299€ 49€ 4499€

I have 4 products to offer: words and music, playlists, ideas and codes for inspiration. Prices are located above or in the FAQ page. Keep in mind that those are the products of a strict discipline I had for 20 years: listening to 10000 songs and selecting around 4000 you could rate with 4 or 5 stars. For other demands, please send me a message from the contact page!