May I Please Come In?

There’s a shadow of doubt that makes you hesitate. A reasonable doubt is always sexy but I already talked about the benefits of the subscription:

  1. discover five songs per week instead of one,
  2. read and post classified ads related to music (and maybe more),
  3. have access to PG-rated content (parental guidance) that’s funny,
  4. make propositions about the subjects the blog should cover.

You can upload a nice banner by browsing those websites for free stock photos:

How Do I Get Everything For Free?

If you refer 4 members with a unique link provided below, you can become a free member for life (no need to pause and resume your subscription and forget about the weekly fee).

The unique link you must send to other people who want to register should be like the following. In this example, I’m using my username (but you should replace the username with yours after you register) because I have to track the conversions. Examples:


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