One Way To Be Less Standard In The Jungle.

I know how it feels: you give money to someone and wonder if the universe is going to reward you. Rest assured that I have a long term vision for this blog although I can’t help sometimes thinking about the past: mission improbable!

There’s a reason I specialised in music: it’s because it’s the only domain that I feel can make you travel without stumbling upon hitmen, thieves and brawls. Anyway, if you want to sponsor that blog, remember that I’m targeting the world (7 billion souls). And thanks to the Internet it’s become easier to reach people.

The 1st stats page shows key indicators to watch for (page views, average time on page, goal completions and returning visitors). The 2nd page shows statistics in real time for the blog and facebook page.

My blog will have a healthy mix of new and returning visitors, young and mature people… The keyword here is: healthy mix. You can specify a desired ROI if you make a big donation to this blog. And legal department will take care of the rest.

If you want to sponsor that blog, make sure to send me a message or use the payment button. You can also specify the desired ROI (return on investment) you are looking for. Please note that if the payment amount is inferior to 2000€, I recommend making a donation.


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