Three Boards That Show The Real Thing!

This page was inspired by a widget of my blog that was supposed to show the stats of my blog. Suddenly, he indicated “zero hits”. Strange insult!

You need to show statistics because they don’t lie. But here you can witness statistics in realtime. There’s something fascinating about numbers: it’s simple and everybody can agree with them. Of course, some people will say “there 3 kind of lies: lies, damn lies and statistics”. Behind numbers, there is a complex reality.

Board #1: Can You See The Traffic Jam Ahead?

Jimi Hendrix used to sing: “you jump in front of my car and you don’t mind a little pain”. It’s true that no good thing ever came easy but why not take the high percentage shot? That’s why I will focus on blogging posts that convert: howto’s, questions and lists.

Since the start of this blog, it’s been a surprising journey. 3 months into blogging, it seemed like I built a readership and suddenly during 4 months everybody was gone. Soon after, I had a string of hit like talking about the price of love, uncertainty concerning the environment and how this show is run by uniforms.

My next goal is to increase referral traffic and increase loyalty. They say that new readers cost more that returning ones. Is this a reason for being a bit heavy?

Board #2: How To Never Write Back To A Fan.

Facebook has become the goto place to connect with fans. I always thought about fans like people who can summon a small breeze while it’s 103 degrees Fahrenheit. I remember some fans of Led Zeppelin who gave a reputation for their concerts to be a model of excess and debauchery.

Here we are looking for sobriety and humility given our place in the universe. Yes we are not the centre of the universe: there are billion of stars. And we have to find a zone where life is possible with those stars. That’s why I will give an advice to my fans: I was a star, I will be one and I am at the moment.

All that glitters is gold and with a word you can get a smile or be cured of your heartache. Here’s the little secret: CHILD. Let’s get out of severity and cruelty!

Board #3: Can You Translate “The Secret’s In The Cheese”?

This last graph shows how my brand awareness is doing. I’ll tell you a bit about what I firmly believe: whatever this is, it can get better in the blink of an eye. When the investigation is over, we will see how that blog fares compared to others. Need I say that there are 2 million posts written each day nowadays?

When you play the game of poker, you need to guess what’s the hand of the other players. I will try to guess what’s on my readers’ mind and maybe what’s on 2 other types of people’s mind:

  • you’re a cold heartbreaker fit to burn and you rip hearts in two,
  • you’ve been stealing from the thieves and you got caught,
  • you’re a traveller of both time and space and look for a place to tell the story.

This is my brand awareness: try to guess what’s on people’s mind so I can react in an appropriate manner. Here you can see the numbers can get really big and when the monetising channels start to work fine, this blog will make money. They say that 1000 visitors is easy to monetise and the real challenge is when you have fewer visitors!


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